Book review: The Haapsalu Scarf book

Given how much I loved the Haapsalu Shawl book, the only real question when the follow-up was announced was how long I would be able to resist buying it.

The Haapsalu Scarf book

The answer: not very long at all.

The Haapsalu Scarf book

The Scarf book follows a very similar format to the Shawl book but, this time, instead of having separate Estonian and English versions, the text for both is included side by side. Like the Shawl book, there is a short section on the history of the scarves and a section with details of yarn, needles, blocking, etc. Then there are the patterns:

The Haapsalu Scarf book

There are patterns for both square and triangular scarves. (Yes, that is a chart for an entire triangular shawl in the photo below!)

The Haapsalu Scarf book

Other than the joy of owning something beautiful, the real value for me comes again in the form of the hundreds of beautiful stitch patterns that are included. There is very little (or possibly no) overlap between the patterns in the two books so there’s no reason not to own both!

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