An excess of blogging

In case anyone is wondering about the excessive amount of blogging that I appear to be doing today, I thought I’d explain that it’s serving two very important purposes.

Firstly, it’s helping me catch up on my NaBloPoMo target, which was starting to look a little distant given that there are only four days left in the month and this will be my 22nd post towards a target of 30.

Secondly, it’s helping to stop me from going mad whilst waiting for a very important phone call. A therapist would call it “distraction therapy”. I’m not entirely sure it’s working though. I apologise for being cryptic but I promise I’ll post more details once the call has actually happened.

In the meantime, I’m off to check that I haven’t somehow missed the call and that my ring-tone is set to extra loud so that I’ll hear it if it goes on the train.

Glutton for punishment

So, having finished one pair of bootees what do I do? Yup, I cast on for the second pair. This time I’m doing green with yellow trim instead of yellow with green. I’m also going to do them in the slightly bigger size, just in case the small ones are too small already.

On a similar note, since there’s absolutely no way I have time to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, I’ve decided to take part in NaBloPoMo instead. This means I’m going to attempt to blog at least once a day for the whole month. Given that I’m not going to have easy internet access for the next three days, this might be quite a challenge!