An excess of blogging

In case anyone is wondering about the excessive amount of blogging that I appear to be doing today, I thought I’d explain that it’s serving two very important purposes.

Firstly, it’s helping me catch up on my NaBloPoMo target, which was starting to look a little distant given that there are only four days left in the month and this will be my 22nd post towards a target of 30.

Secondly, it’s helping to stop me from going mad whilst waiting for a very important phone call. A therapist would call it “distraction therapy”. I’m not entirely sure it’s working though. I apologise for being cryptic but I promise I’ll post more details once the call has actually happened.

In the meantime, I’m off to check that I haven’t somehow missed the call and that my ring-tone is set to extra loud so that I’ll hear it if it goes on the train.

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