Are they still presents when you’ve paid for them yourself and they’re not for any special reason? I think so, especially given that these ones came in the post all the way from the US.

At least, I’m assuming that I know what the postman tried to deliver today. I need to go and collect it because there’s an unpaid fee, which I think must the US customs charge.

I’m terribly excited about these, which is a little pathetic seeing as, if they’re what I think they are, they’re a calendar, a timer and a feather duster!

Allow me to explain. Several months ago, someone mentioned in a forum post somewhere about a system to help organise your life and get your house clean and tidy. Since I was living in a hotel in Portsmouth at the time and only home at weekends, when I seemed to spend the whole time doing laundry and housework, I was very interested. I headed straight over to the FlyLady website, had a poke around and was hooked pretty much straightaway! Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot about FlyLady that niggles at me. As an atheist, I have issues with the notion of “blessing” my house and her way of referring to inspiration as “God breezes”. Actually, the fact that I’m an atheist probably has little to do with it, more the fact that I object to people bringing faith, which I consider quite a personal thing, into everyday conversation.

Anyway, the idea that I can actually make progress towards getting my house to look the way I want it and keeping on top of the housework and laundry 15 minutes at a time really appeals! I don’t have the system fully worked out yet (she says, realising that she forgot to put on a washing when she came in from work and isn’t sure she has any clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow) but it is making a difference. Steven likes to tease me about it, but even he can’t deny that the house is looking better and, most importantly, I’m happier!

Having been a subscriber to the email list for several months (the service is completely free), I decided I’d give something back and buy some of the products from their shop. This has, of course, convinced Steven that I’ve fallen for their scam. However, given the benefit I’ve already had and the use that I expect to get out of this stuff, I think it’s all well worth it! Mind you, I’m not surprised that he can’t understand why I’d get so excited about a purple ostrich-feather duster, it’s just not really his thing!
I’m going to be really disappointed now, if this isn’t what’s in my parcel!

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