Huge sigh of relief

We’ve just heard from our conveyancer that we have finally exchanged contracts on the new flat! In theory, if there are no hiccups with transferral of funds, etc., we should now get the keys on Friday.

Fortunately, our lawyer has been brilliant and has been working on all the things that usually get done between exchange and completion, even though we hadn’t completed. This means that it’s not a problem that there are now only two days between exchange and completion compared to the two weeks that they recommended to us!

Now I can stop worrying about whether or not we’re going to exchange and go back to worrying about how we’re going to find time/money/expertise to do all the work that needs done. Although, even that’s been going better. We have a plumber booked to replace the heating; we’ve picked carpet and just need to pick a sensible date to order it and arrange for fitting; we’ve almost sorted out a kitchen and, when my parents were visiting at the weekend, we obtained expert advice on decorating. That really just leaves ordering a washing machine and fridge/freezer and buying the decorating tools and supplies. We also revisited our budget and discovered that thanks to a silly arithmetic error we have £1000 more than we thought!

I can’t wait till Friday!

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