I survived!

It’s true. I have officially survived my first set of professional exams. Now, I just have to wait until June to find out how I’ve done.

In other news, we have 99% of our kitchen fitted! There’s a drawer missing, where they sent us the wrong one, and we need to get the plumber back to connect the dishwasher and washing machine but everything else is in and working. This means that we can start cooking and washing dishes again. (I hate washing dishes anyway but having to wash them in the bathroom sink and dry them in the bath was awful.) We still need to get the walls and floor tiled but since we effectively haven’t had a kitchen since we moved in what we have now is fantastic. Over the past couple of days, I’ve kept finding myself standing in the kitchen gazing on it admiringly. I would have thought this was just a tactic to avoid studying but I’ve noticed Steven doing it too.

Tonight’s plan is to start unpacking boxes and putting crockery away and possibly christen the oven by baking brownies.

After my last exam yesterday, I suddenly thought, “What do I do when I’m not studying?” Then it struck me: I work on the flat and unpack boxes. It wasn’t the happiest of realisations. Having said that, the flat is now just about at a point where we can get most of the rest of our stuff unpacked and not have to do any major work on it for a while. So, we’re having a flat-warming party on Saturday 26th April (to give us the whole of this weekend to run around daft trying to make the flat presentable). I think Steven thought I was kidding when I said I was going to print out the photographs of what the flat looked like when we bought it and leave them lying around but I think I will. I’m so proud of what we’ve managed to do so far, especially considering that we’ve done the vast majority of it all on our own. Now, if I can just have passed all my exams as well, I’ll be happy.

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