The Wedding

This post is going to be mainly pictures with very few words since my brain is still a little overwhelmed with all the wonderful memories.

Firstly, we had absolutely beautiful weather. There were a couple of rain showers but considering that we were in Scotland in November, it was really dry and mild.


I was awake very early so sat and knitted while I watched the sun come up. You can’t really see it in this picture but I’m working on one of my Leyburn socks, of which I now have one and a half.


Then came the preparation: hair, makeup, little bit of champagne.


The ceremony went well and I managed not to cry. Since I’ve cried all the way through every other wedding I’ve been to, this was quite an achievement!


Nicki and Helen both looked gorgeous and we both really appreciated their help and support both before, during and after the day.

After the ceremony, we went outside for drinks and photographs and for Steven and I to be pelted with confetti.


The Myrtle leaf shawl matched my dress perfectly, especially considering that I bought the yarn online without having seen it in person and not having seen my dress for three months either.

Then we went inside where there were tables with origami centrepieces:


and cupcakes with origami flowers on the top cake:


Steven and I danced


and since we had forgotten to tell the band that we didn’t want the rest of the wedding party to join us for the first dance, the best man and bridesmaid were invited up to join us:


Fortunately, Nicki and Helen were excellent sports and, from what I could see, spent most of the dance in fits of laughter.

Then there was some more dancing,


followed by even more dancing


and then everyone went home.

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