New toy

I’m posting this from my new G1 phone (mainly just to see if it’s possible). The phone was an impulse buy at the weekend, although I’ve wanted an internet phone for ages. Much as Steven loves his iPhone, the fact that you need a computer running iTunes was a huge turn-off for me since I would have had to sync it via Steven’s Mac.

Enter the G1, described to me by probably the geekiest friend I have as “the ultimate geek toy”. So far, it’s living up to its reputation. I can surf, check email, blog and post photos without any trouble. Its slide out keyboard and slightly rubbery feel and smell remind me a lot of a Psion PDA that I had years ago, which is nice.

I’m currently working on getting it set up so that I can read ebooks on it but that’s about the only thing missing at the moment.

The photo (taken with the G1 phone) shows what I was supposed to be studying today had I not been playing with my new toy!


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