And so we mourn the passing of another laptop

There has been absolutely no crafting around here this week due to the death of my laptop. You wouldn’t necessarily think that you’d need a laptop to knit or sew but apparently I’m incapable of doing either without one!

Fortunately, a new laptop has arrived and since the old one died of over-heating power-related problems and not a catastrophic disk failure (which is how my laptops usually go) I spent yesterday like this:

Death of a laptop

disassembling the old laptop to get the disk drive out so that I could transfer all my data to the new one. Before anyone suggests it, I do backup to an external disk but it turns out that my backup software wasn’t being entirely honest about which files it had backed up so there was quite a lot missing.

By way of consolation, the new laptop is much better than the old one in just about every way so everything is running significantly faster. I think I’ve managed to get all the software that I use re-installed and all the data that I need copied over so everything should now be back to normal and I can get on with the crafting!

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