But when do I get to make something for me?

So my gift knitting has been interrupted by even more gift knitting. The Henry scarf that I’m making for Christmas for my Dad has been put on hold until I knit a couple of pairs of bootees for a friend’s newborn. I don’t mind really since the bootees are absolutely the most adorable things in the world! After seeing someone at I Knit London making a pair of Saartje’s bootees, I had no choice! They’re really easy and quick to knit and only a little fiddly to sew up. I’ve even learned how to make button loops.

I’m just a little grumpy about it because Henry is taking so long. I thought I’d be able to whip it up quickly and get back to my Goddess but no such luck. At least I’ve managed to work out a method for keeping track of the pattern that means if I do make a mistake, I spot it quickly and not three rows down the line.

unfinished bootee

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