In theory, I fly back to Glasgow tonight to spend a fun weekend with friends at a spa for a friend’s hen party. In reality I’m anxious at the thought of having to go an entire weekend without knitting or having any real access to DP. I realise that the idea is that I’ll be spending a fun weekend with friends and probably won’t have time to miss my current obsessions too much but that’s not a great comfort at this point in time!

So much so that I’ve decided to succumb to the current stupid airline security rules and, while taking my knitting with me to help pass the two hours that I’ll be spending in Gatwick airport, will check my bag in to avoid possibly having my knitting needles confiscated.

To help cope with the DP withdrawal, I’ve loaded the Life of Charles Dickens by John Forster, Volume II onto my Palm to finish smoothreading it. I’m way behind, since the deadline for finishing was actually today but hopefully I can get through it over the weekend and not be too late. I’ve really enjoyed working on these and can’t wait until they’re finished and available from PG so that I can read them again in the future. They’re a wonderful picture of one of my favourite authors by one of his best friends. True, this means that they’re not always as honest as they could be, skipping over a lot of the personal stuff but you really get a feel for the sheer vitality of the man.

And, finally, two days in and I’m still on track with NaBloPoMo! I might struggle over the weekend though!

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