Well, I had such a good weekend that I didn’t want it to end! What could be better than an evening spent playing games and singing karaoke with old friends (and some new ones!) while drinking champagne? Not much as it turns out.

Getting on the plane back to London was very hard. “Why am I leaving my friends and family behind in a city that I love and miss?” Talking to Steven didn’t help either: “Wah! I’m so homesick!” The response? “Wah! Me too!”

It’s not that we don’t like London, we really do, it’ll just never be “home” the way that Glasgow is, especially given the number of our friends and family that are still there.

It doesn’t help that I really love my new job. If it hadn’t been for that, we’d both have been quite happy to pack up and move back to Scotland next year. I want to stay a bit longer now though and see how this works out. It’s been a long time since I actually enjoyed my work and was interested in what I was doing and I don’t want to throw that way just yet. I guess we’ll just need to try and get back to not thinking about how much we miss everyone and everything. Coming back to London after being home at Christmas is going to be a real challenge.

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