The best laid schemes …

… o’ mice an’ men, gang aft agley, to quote the Bard.

And so it was with me last night. My big plan to take my Henry scarf to I Knit and get a large chunk of it done was scuppered by me not remembering that I needed to take another ball of yarn with me. To paraphrase another poet “Yarn, yarn all around and not a drop to knit”. Damn having to match dyelots! I think I managed about a quarter of a row with what was left in the ball I had.
There turned out to be a silver lining though; I very nearly got the second pair of bootees completely finished! I finished knitting the second and got it sewn up and got most of the way through sewing up the other. Just the buttons to add and the main seam to sew and it’ll be ready to send off. (One of the girls last night said I had to make sure to send them registered post as it would be awful if something that pretty went missing.)

I Knit as always was great, even if everyone was making me jealous talking about the UK Stitch ‘n’ Bitch show on Saturday that I can’t go to.

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