It’s all in the technique

and I’ve decided mine sucks. ‘Sucks’ is probably too strong a word since I do manage to knit and create knitted things and my tension is even and I can knit to gauge. However, I do all the things I shouldn’t and don’t do lots of things I should. I don’t tension my yarn (how it comes out even, I don’t know and am scared to investigate); I drop the right needle; I sit badly and end up with weird pains in hands and shoulders.

I keep thinking I should learn to knit ‘properly’ for an as yet undetermined definition of ‘properly’. (Apologies, I’m a mathematician by nature and I can’t help it slipping out sometimes.) I’ve heard lots of people say things like “I taught myself to knit Continental and I’ve never looked back”. My problem is “When do I do this?” Obviously, I can’t change my knitting technique half-way through a project. The chances of my tension/gauge with the new technique (as I’m learning it!) matching my old tension/gauge are pretty much non-existent. However, I’m very rarely between projects. I’ve usually started the next one (or two … or three) before the current one is finished.

Maybe next time I try a felting project, I’ll also try learning a new technique. That way it will all come right in the wash. (And I promise that this entire post was based on a genuine thought and not an attempt to make a bad pun.)

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