Making progress

As can now be seen from the progress bars (currently at the bottom of the blog sidebar) I’ve made real progress on my Henry scarf. It’s now 95% done, thanks to a couple of long-ish train journeys over the weekend. I might get it finished at I Knit this week but if I don’t it certainly won’t need much more done to it. Bizarrely, I’m now starting to feel anxious about what I’m going to knit when it’s done. For all that I’ve been desperate to get it finished, I’m going to miss it when it’s gone!

Since I failed to buy my Mum a Christmas present while shopping at the weekend, it’s looking more likely that my next knitting project is going to be a present for her, despite the fact that there are now only 10 knitting days till Christmas. I think there should be laws against people having birthdays in December and January. Mum’s difficult enough to find presents for without having to find two within a fortnight.

So don’t be surprised if another progress bar appears with something for my Mum that will knit up quickly and easily and preferably with little or no seaming so that I can finish it in the car as Steven and I are driving home.

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