Oops! I bought some yarn.

The Internet is evil and must be stopped. I haven’t done this in a while but today I succumbed and went shopping online in a spare 5 minutes at work. I really ought to know better by now.

To add insult to injury, I discovered that there was money sitting in my PayPal account that I hadn’t realised was there. It was, of course, impossible for me to use their simple option to transfer it directly into my bank account. No, I had to find somewhere to spend it.

Fortunately, there are a vast range of places on the internet which accept PayPal as payment and some of them even sell yarn.

I started with a PDF pattern from Woolly Thoughts (more about which in a post to come) and followed that up with yarn from Cucumber Patch to make said pattern. Except that I discovered that Cucumber Patch also had some discontinued Jaeger yarns at prices that I couldn’t resist.

I have a shrug that I knitted in Jaeger yarn some time ago and have never worn because shrugs just don’t suit me (not that that stops me knitting them!). There isn’t enough yarn in it for it to be worth frogging it and re-using the yarn but I discovered a pattern in Knitty that adds a stretchy body tube to the shrug to create an entire top and have been meaning to do this for ages. In the meantime, however, Jaeger discontinued their yarns so I had basically given up hope of getting the same yarn in co-ordinating colours for this project. I was over the moon today then to discover that not only did Cucumber Patch have the yarn that I wanted, in colours that would look good, they also had it in sufficient quantities!

The only fly in the ointment is that this, together with the yarn for the throw from Woolly Thoughts, adds up to a lot of yarn and I’m due to move house in about five weeks. True, I’m only moving two doors down and two flights up but I think the yarn is going to need a box or suitcase all of its own.

Oh well, at least the money isn’t sitting doing nothing in my PayPal account any more.

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