Knitting as therapy

At lunchtime today, I did a wonderful thing. I took my sandwich and my knitting to a bench by the Thames and sat in the sunshine and spent a full hour eating and knitting. I went back to the office refreshed and energised, which, given my sleep patterns at the moment, is verging on the miraculous. I don’t know how much of this was due to the combined effect of the sunshine, the break from the office and the knitting and how much was due to the individual elements but there is definitely something relaxing about the repetitive motions involved in knitting, especially when it’s something as mindless as a long-tail cast on. Being able to empty my mind and do nothing but count stitches as I cast them on was a great way of letting go of some stress.

As a result, I got a huge amount of work done this afternoon, even though I was ploughing through parliamentary committee proceedings! Here’s hoping the weather stays good and I can make this a regular habit.

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