“Sorry, I forgot our anniversary”

In some relationships, the above statement could cause all sorts of problems and recriminations.

Not us. Nope, both Steven and I managed to forget that yesterday was our 10 year anniversary. That’s right, not any old anniversary, our 10 year anniversary.

This didn’t really come as a surprise to either of us given our track record for remembering our anniversary. At one point it got so bad that we had to get a calendar out and work out which day it must have been (so far we can still remember the year). This in turn led to its own problems; could we remember which of the James Bond films had we been to see that day? We’ve now agreed to agree that it must have been “You Only Live Twice”.

I’m hoping that getting married will solve the anniversary problem. Given the number of times that I’ve already had to tell people that date, I’m pretty sure it’s going to stick in my head for a while. Just don’t ask me when we got engaged.

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