The Fear

We’ve all been there. The feeling that hits when you realise that the exam (or three) that seemed so far away that it couldn’t possibly ever get here is now only two weeks (to the day) away. Well, it hit me big time last night. I’m confident about passing 2 out of the 3 exams (if I put enough work in) and I’m still hoping that I can make the hat-trick. My tutor wrote me some wonderful comments on my (failed) mock exam saying that he thinks I can definitely pass the third exam. Those cheered me up for about 20 minutes and now the fear is back. (To put things in perspective, I also failed the other two mocks, just not by quite as much.)
So, you might ask, what am I doing sitting in front of a computer blogging and not studying. Given that I spent 8 hours at a tutorial today, I decided to take a break tonight and go to the knit night at I Knit. I started working on Isabella from Knitty’s spring ‘07 issue using the yarn that was supposed to be my Goddess jumper. After working on it for a couple of hours I’ve decided that I’m not going to knit it according to the pattern. There’s no way I will ever do all the seaming that is required (knitted picot edging and a jumper knitted in sections) so I’m going to improvise. I’m going to knit it in the round using a provisional cast on that I will then add a crochet edging too. This should leave me with just the shoulder seams to seam and I think even I can handle that. This is my first attempt at modifying a pattern quite this much so wish me luck!

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