Role reversal

Steven and I have never been a particularly traditional couple when it comes to gender roles. My favourite story is of the day that I spent buying a sports car and playing golf, while Steven shopped for clothes. (It was a suit for his graduation but it’s a better story if I don’t mention that.) For a while now, Steven has been trying to convince me that if we have children, he should stay home while I go out to work (assuming we can survive on just my salary).

There are good reasons why this makes sense but what mainly seems to be driving it is Steven’s thought that it would be horrible to have to go out to work every day while I got to stay at home! However, Steven’s been home this week while I’ve been out working and I’m just about convinced.

For instance, I came home last night to this:

That is a home-baked Victoria sponge with real whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Not only that but there was a risotto in the oven and clean laundry. I think I’m convinced.

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