I’ve never been so excited …

… about yarn in my entire life! I finally ordered yarn for my wedding shawl at the start of this week and I cannot wait till it gets here. I had real difficulty finding a luxurious laceweight yarn in a suitable colour that was actually in stock somewhere in the UK but eventually stumbled across Knitwitches and fell in love with their undyed 100% silk laceweight. Two skeins will shortly be on their way across country to be turned into the Myrtle Leaf Shawl from the “Victorian Lace Today” book.

Fortunately, the baby knitting is progressing apace and I may even have it very nearly finished before the yarn for the shawl gets here.
That’s the back and the first front in the picture. The second front is nearly done now too, which just leaves the sleeves and a knitted edging (which will match the edging at the bottom of the pieces in the picture and stop the front rolling the way it is in this picture).

It is really nice to get the (almost) instant gratification that knitting baby things brings. It is an entire knitted garment but can still be produced in a matter of hours. I doubt that the shawl will be finished quite so quickly!

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