Whole lotta knitting going on

Unfortunately, not much of it is terribly photogenic right now.

I’m about halfway through the body of the shawl and people are starting to believe that it might get done before the wedding. (I’m not sure I’m one of them but I’ll keep trying!)

My Katarina cardigan is progressing well. The endless stocking stitch is a real relief after the amount of concentration that the shawl needs. I’ve finished the back and one and half pieces of the front, just leaving the sleeves and the knitted on collar to go. Should be ready by the time the weather gets cool enough to actually wear it.

And then there is one project that actually merits a picture (or two).


These are the Leyburn socks from Pepperknit.


These were cast on to be a middle ground between the complicated lace and endless stocking stitch. They’re mostly stocking stitch but with a beautifully simple but effective lattice pattern. They are also the first pair of socks that I’ve knitted from the toe up and I’m still amazed at the way that the toe miraculously became 3D without me needing to do anything other than knit backwards and forwards. One day I’ll wrap my head around how that happens!

I’m also really happy with the way that this pattern looks with this yarn. I treated myself to the Cherry Tree Hill yarn at the opening of the new I Knit shop, promptly tangled the skein horribly trying to wind it without a ball-winder and then hated the way it looked in all the sock patterns I tried. I think we have a winner this time though.

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