I thought I was supposed to have more time after the exams?

(This post got written weeks ago but I somehow managed to forget to push the button to actually publish it!)

Two weeks have passed since my exams and I find myself wondering what happened to all that time I used to spend studying. Actually, it is not that hard to figure out, studying has been pretty much replaced by wedding planning and worrying about exams has been replaced by worrying about the wedding. Not that there is anything to worry about, everything is well in hand but it seems I can’t help myself.

There has been a reasonable amount of knitting going on though, even if I haven’t managed to do all the things that I promised myself I would do with the free time that I thought I would have. I also haven’t managed to photograph any of the knitting so you’ll need to make do with words for the time being.

My wedding shawl is completely finished and is far and away the most beautiful thing I have ever knitted. In fact, I think it is quite probably the most beautiful thing I will ever knit. It is currently wrapped in tissue paper in a nice box waiting for the wedding but it is very difficult to resist the temptation to take it out and wear it everywhere. In fact, after I had finished blocking it and removed all the pins, I put it on and spent at least 40 minutes dancing round the flat wearing it. Given half a chance, I would never have taken it off. The Knitwitches 100% silk laceweight was absolutely perfect; the colour (undyed) is a good match for my wedding dress; adding some extra width means the size is exactly what I wanted and the (small) mistakes that I made are pretty much invisible, even to me. At the moment, I’m torn between dying it after the wedding to a colour that I’ll be able to wear more often and leaving it as it is to become an heirloom. I think it will be dyed though, since I’m unlikely to use it as a christening shawl and I can’t face the thought of it sitting in a box for a couple of decades just in case a future daughter or grand-daughter would like to wear it at their wedding.

I also finished the first of my Leyburn socks. It looks really good, the pattern is a good match for the yarn and it has absolutely helped confirm that I just don’t like knitting socks. I keep thinking that so many other people like knitting socks that I must be missing something but no matter how many times I try, I just don’t get it. I will knit the second one of the pair (eventually) but next time I suggest that I might try sock knitting again I’d appreciate being reminded of this post!

Jumper knitting however, I love. My Sahara is progressing nicely now that I’ve tried it on and reassured myself that it will fit and will not look like a circus tent and I’ve just cast on for a Vino cardigan.

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