At least something’s getting done around here…

…even if it’s only knitting and blogging about knitting.

In case anyone has been wondering, the amazing amount of knitting that I’ve been getting done recently has been down to a combination of giving myself some time off from studying followed by what the nurse yesterday described as a “flu-like illness”. This was the same nurse who described me as “amazingly sensible” for having spent the past week curled up on the sofa and told me that, if I wanted to spend another week on the sofa, she’d happily write my employer a note to say that I could.

So, here I am, back on the sofa and thank goodness for BBC iPlayer and Doctor Who on DVD. (I should point out that I’m not terribly happy to be on the sofa but really don’t have the energy to go anywhere else.)

However, all this means that I do have more finished projects to show off. First up, my Leyburn socks.

Leyburn socks

Leyburn socks

And a close-up of the lattice pattern on them:

Lattice on Leyburn sock

These just help confirm that I am insane. They’re slightly too big (one day I will knit me a pair of socks that fits); I’m still not really a fan of variegated yarn (although the lattice looks pretty good with it); I didn’t particularly enjoy knitting them but I’m already thinking about the next pair of socks that I might knit!

Next up is the baby cardigan and hat that I knitted for my friend’s new baby. These were actually knitted ages ago since the baby was due the day before our wedding but didn’t actually get seamed until a couple of days after the baby arrived. Fortunately for my knitting, but not for the parents, baby Daniel was a week late so we were back from honeymoon in plenty of time for me to finish the cardigan.


I’ve also finally gotten around to taking pictures of my Darkside Cowl that was also finished weeks ago. When I’m not sick, this is really handy for commuting to work. It’s just big enough to keep my neck snuggly and warm while being small enough to slip inside my bag when I get on a train.

Darkside Cowl

You’ll have to excuse me now though, I have an episode each of Doctor Who and Doctor Who Confidential to go knit through.

4 thoughts on “At least something’s getting done around here…

  1. Oh, and I love your choice of yarn for the socks (I like variegated yarns, but not self-striping). And my first two pairs of socks were too big as well – I use them as bedsocks!

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