Mmmm, sugar

Tonight is Burns Night, the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns. In fact, this year is the 250th anniversary.

Traditionally, Burns suppers are held round about this time. Friends get together, eat, drink, recite poetry, sing and generally make merry. Steven and I were invited to a Burns supper that some friends of ours were throwing last night and I wanted to take something traditional with us since we were going to be nearly the only Scots there. Since I’m completely incapable of making edible shortbread, I decided to make some tablet to take with us. (I’ve got about a 50/50 strike rate for tablet but it’s still more likely to turn out well than shortbread.)

Tablet is a type of Scottish confectionery that is a bit like a grainy fudge but even more sugary. I use this recipe, which works perfectly if I follow the recipe exactly and fails miserably when I don’t.

Hence, on Saturday this:


became this:


Not much of it got eaten last night but I have been nibbling away at it ever since. Fortunately, we have friends coming to stay with us for a couple of days to help us eat the rest!

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