Fabulous flowers

One of the more fun things that my Mum asked for for her scrapbook was a set of close-up pictures of my wedding bouquet and I realised that I hadn’t really blogged about my wedding flowers till now.

My bouquet, my bridesmaid’s bouquet and the groom and best man’s buttonholes were custom ordered from the wonderful Princess Lasertron. I just told her, rather vaguely, what colours I wanted and what my budget was and she came up with the perfect arrangements.

A picture of all the flowers in action:


The buttonholes couldn’t have matched Helen and Steven’s outfits any more closely, which considering they were made thousands of miles away without ever seeing the outfits still amazes me. The browns and creams in Nicki’s bouquet were really elegant and I just absolutely adore the pinks in mine!

The best thing about these flowers, for me, is that I get to keep them forever without them withering or dying.

Here are some of the close-ups of my bouquet that I took for my Mum’s scrapbook:

Wedding bouquet

including my new favourite picture of my wedding shawl:


A close-up of Steven’s buttonhole:


I don’t have any close-ups of Nicki’s bouquet, unfortunately, since it’s at my Mum’s house but hopefully she’ll send me the ones that my Dad took for the scrapbook.

One thought on “Fabulous flowers

  1. They really did match everything brilliantly! Would you like me to send you mine for the scrapbook? (Although I think it might be a bit chunky to actually stick in the book) I mean, it’s beautiful and I’ll happily keep it, but you’re welcome to it if you want it as another memento.

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