Deja knit

So, does this look familiar to anyone?


That’s right, it’s a swatch for the Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. “But didn’t you already knit one of these?” I hear you ask. “Didn’t it take you about 4 months? Wasn’t it quite stressful and involved lots of cursing and swearing?” Yes, yes and yes.

My mum phoned the other night and the conversation ran something like this:

Mum – Do you have any of the yarn left from knitting your wedding shawl?

Me – Some but not very much. Why?

Mum – I’m making a scrapbook of the wedding.

Me – Wow, that sounds great.

Mum – I already have some bits and pieces like invitations and the order of service but could you send me more if you have them?

Me – No problem, we have plenty of spares left over.

Mum – I also have a piece of your sister’s dress (my sister was my bridesmaid) but I was thinking, rather than taking scissors to your shawl, maybe you could knit a small sample square. Maybe two pattern repeats across by one high.

Me (just about recovered from the mini panic attack at the idea of scissors anywhere near my shawl) – Sure, I should have enough yarn to do that.

The conversation moved on and we talked about other things and then we hung up.

And then it hit me. My Mum had just asked me to knit a swatch for a project that I had already finished. And not just that, the most challenging and stressful project that I had ever worked on. I hadn’t properly knitted a swatch for the shawl the first time I knitted it and now, 4 months later, she wants a swatch!

Fortunately, thanks to a rotten cold, I wasn’t doing anything anyway and so with the help of some Friends DVDs, some chocolate and a large pot of tea, I now have a shawl swatch blocking.

It’s just as well I love my Mum.

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