Cosy coffee


I would like to present my most recent finished item: a cosy for our cafetière.

It’s hard to explain just how excited I am about this project. It’s a quick, simple garter stitch project using leftover yarn and yet I’m more excited about it than any of the more complicated projects that I’ve knitted recently.


The reason: I designed it myself. It is the first project that I’ve had the idea for and then actually sat down, knitted and finished it. I have a notebook that I keep ideas for knitting projects in. At the moment, it has notes and thoughts for about 14 projects in it, including this one. Of the others, I’ve knitted a gauge swatch for one and knitted up most of another one but failed miserably to take notes as I did so and have only managed to half-finish the seaming.

So, to actually take this project from initial idea to finished item makes me very, very happy.


I’ll be even happier when I get around to writing up and publishing the pattern but I have a feeling that that’s going to be much more difficult and time-consuming than the knitting was!

And to show just how simple a project this is:


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