FO: Katje cardigan


Photo 14

Another finished cardigan. This time, Katje from Cocoknits, knitted in Noro Cash Iroha.

Photo 15

Even more amazingly, I have actually woven in all the ends already. There were a lot of knots in the Noro resulting in a lot of ends to be woven in but two episodes of Battlestar Galactica and one episode of Blackpool later, they were all done. It helped that that was the only finishing needing done on the cardigan; no seaming whatsoever!

Photo 16

I love this cardigan. It’s a great casual wear and the yarn makes it nice and snuggly.

My only complaint is that it seems that Spring is finally here and I might not get to wear it as often as I’d like!


2 thoughts on “FO: Katje cardigan

  1. Great cardigan! The colour is lovely too. I keep eyeing up Noro Cash Iroha but the “rusticness” of Noro puts me off. It’s taken quite a lot of wear and two washes for my Silk Garden clapotis to soften up.

    As for the knots – try spit splicing, it’s brilliant!

  2. The Cash Iroha is the only Noro I’ve used but it’s not nearly as ‘rustic’ as the other types, as far as I can tell. It’s quite slubby but it’s not at all scratchy.

    I really should try spit splicing!

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