How-to: Make a pirate eye-patch

You will need:

  • black felt (2 4″ squares or 1 piece 4″×8″)
  • black elastic
  • thin cardboard (1 4″ square)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • needle and black thread
  • craft glue

Eye-patch materials

Using the outer line on the template below, cut out two identical pieces of felt. (Tip: double your felt and cut through two thicknesses at once to get them as similar as possible.)


(Clicking the template will take you to Flickr where you can download the larger size for easy printing.)

Using the inner line, cut out a single piece of cardboard.

Eye-patch in progress

Sew your elastic to one of the felt pieces, making sure not to twist the elastic before attaching the second end. Back-stitching in the shape shown in the diagram should be nice and strong.

patch schematic

Glue the cardboard to the centre of the felt piece that has the elastic attached and then glue the second piece of felt over the top making sure that the elastic is sandwiched between the two pieces of felt. You may want to add extra glue where the elastic has been sewn to the felt.

Once the glue is dry, your patch is complete. If you would like a neater edge around your patch, you could add blanket stitch all the way around.


Pirate eye-patch

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