Not your usual Easter crafting

It feels more like Hallowe’en around here this weekend than Easter. There are no eggs or chicks or bunnies, instead we have pirates and bluestockings.

Pirates because Steven is attending a stag weekend next weekend that requires a pirate costume. Fortunately, we live close to Greenwich which is a good place for buying general pirate stuff and we whipped up a quick eye-patch as well. (Expect a how-to post with full details shortly.)

Pirate eye-patch

Bluestockings was a term coined in the 18th century to describe educated, intellectual women and, with the amount of studying I’m doing at the moment, I think I qualify and now I’m knitting the socks to match.


These are the “Evening stockings for a young lady” from Knitting Vintage Socks and are a great example of what I love about Ravelry and what I don’t like about Knitting Vintage Socks. There are several lacey sock patterns in the book but none of the socks in the book are photographed being worn. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to see the lace patterns at their best. So, when I decided to knit a pair of lacey socks, I narrowed my choice down to two by looking at the book and then logged on to Ravelry to see what they actually looked like worn. This actually helped me to decide that I didn’t want to knit either of the patterns that I had short-listed but did want to knit these ones instead. I had never considered knitting these socks based on the photographs in the book but I’m absolutely loving them.

A close-up of the beautiful open-work pattern:


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