How time flies

There hasn’t been a lot of knitting going on around here recently but I do have a couple of finished projects.

First, my evening socks for a young lady.


Despite being a really enjoyable knit, these are a little disappointing as finished socks. One of these days I will start listening to my instincts when they tell me that socks are going to be too short and too tight around the calf. I may unpick these from the top and knit a new longer, stretchier cuff. In future, if I want knee-high socks they’ll be knitted toe-up.


They look great though and the 5-row pattern repeat made them very quick to knit; it ends up being ‘just one more repeat’ rather than ‘just one more row’.

I’ve also finished my River although it still needs blocked and there’s no point trying to photograph an unblocked lace mohair shawl! Just picture a black amorphous blob here.

There hasn’t been much progress on the crochet baby blanket but since I’ve just head that one of my oldest friends is pregnant with her first baby expect a lot more baby knitting to come.

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