Q: What’s round and beige and goes on forever?

A: The Bell Curve skirt that I’m knitting.


I love the pattern, I’m even liking the way the Sirdar Just Soy yarn is knitting up (which I was worried I wouldn’t), I just wish it was done already.

When you get right down to it, it’s acres of stocking stitch in the round in beige yarn with the only excitement being the star stitches every fifth row. (Just between you and me, I don’t even think they look like stars; they’re pretty and I like them but I don’t think they look like stars; shells, maybe.)


Fortunately for my sanity, my other active project at the moment is another Celestine. It’s quick and interesting and definitely not beige! At the moment it reminds me of some of the orchids that we saw on Hawai’i.


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