The best part of the day

I am not a morning person, in fact, I haven’t been a morning person since I was a very small child. However, I might be starting to appreciate the benefits of early rising.

Steven has been working on the other side of London this week, which means that he has been leaving pretty early. I’ve been getting up and having some coffee with him before he goes but he left so early this morning that even he didn’t want to get up a bit earlier to have time to have breakfast. However, rather than going back to sleep when he left, I decided I would just get up. I’m studying at home today (exam on Monday!) so I don’t need to go out at all. Instead, I’ve spent the past two hours curled up on the sofa under a hand-knit blanket with my coffee finishing off my latest cafetière cosy.


I’m not becoming obsessed, honest! I had knitted an altered version of my last cosy design to fit the cafetière that we actually use and decided that I just didn’t like it when it was finished. It was too bulky and then when I blocked it it grew so much that it just fell straight off. So I picked different yarn, different needles and started with a new design feature. Rather than the slightly rustic garter stitch in aran weight tweed yarn of the first one, this one is knitted in DK weight with some subtle stocking stitch stripes to break up the garter stitch. This created a really nice fabric, so nice that while I was still knitting it Steven asked what it was going to be since it looked so good. Bearing in mind that I managed to knit an entire pair of surprise fingerless gloves in front of him without him noticing, this is high praise indeed.

All that I had left to do this morning was sew on the buttons and add some button loops. One of the things I didn’t like about the last cosy was there was a bit of bulk where the fabric overlapped when buttoned so I deliberately designed this one not to overlap at all. I love how the button loops worked out.


These were done following a tutorial from My Fashionable Life, which I first used when I knitted some Saartje’s booties a couple of years ago. (A recent email from the receiving baby’s mum revealed that these booties are now in use by baby’s little brother!)

So, the cosy is finished, photographed (even though the light was appalling) and blogged and it’s still only 9:30. Sounds like time for me to start studying!


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