Wishing I was in San Francisco

Mainly so that I could visit the Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Art and see the Geometric Threads — Artisanal Takes on Pattern, Dimension, and Topology exhibit. From the website:

Explore tessellation through patterns found in quilts, Hawai’ian kapa cloth design, and Moroccan mosaic tiles. Untangle the intricacies of topology looped inside maritime knots and Korean maedeup. Move between dimensions with basket weavers, clothing designers, and upholsterers, and learn how origami artists transform flat shapes into fully realized 3D forms. Discover how similar shapes can give rise to a diversity of artistic expression, from Japanese temari to European lace and crochet.

Through master presentations, skilled artisans illuminate the mathematics inherent in mosaics, origami, and textile arts practiced across the globe.

A combination of mathematics and crafts … sounds like just my kind of thing.

One thought on “Wishing I was in San Francisco

  1. Seems like the exhibits, museums and exhibitions are always on the other side of the globe from where you are! Thank god for the Internet so we can share our crafting knowledge!
    I am a maedeup fan and would have loved to go to the Exploratorium above…
    I use maedeup in my jewelry making which you can take a look at here:
    I use in other applications too, that you can discover if you take 5 min to visit my site. Hope it is inspirational and for those of you who have no clue what maedup is you can find a brief summary here which might help you understand the ‘math’ side of things stated above:


    Get knotting!

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