Getting back on the horse

It seems to take a little longer after each exam session for life to get back to normal. I tend to go quiet (electronically speaking) at first because I’m studying so hard that there isn’t time for blogging and everything else that I do online. After the exams, it takes a while for the stress to dissipate and for me to feel like getting back on the horse. All of which is long way of saying that I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I’m back now!

As this is just a quick post to get me going again, here are some sneak peeks of some of the projects that I’ve been working on while I’ve been offline and that I’ll be blogging about over the coming days.





One thought on “Getting back on the horse

  1. […] The shawl pattern is my own design, which I will write up and publish eventually, except that I keep changing my mind. I’ve already frogged and re-knitted the first version completely. This was supposed to be a copy of the second version as a present for my mother-in-law but I’m going to do something different with the border, which means that I’ll end up re-knitting a large part of the first one again so that it actually matches the written-down pattern. Here is a close-up photo of the body of the first shawl, which was shown as a sneak peek in an earlier post. […]

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