The things we do for love: part 1

It only took one bad cold, one week on the sofa and 4 seasons of Buffy, but the armbands on Steven’s cashmere jumper are finally done.

Mended cashmere jumper

Lots and lots of 1×1 rib at a very, very small gauge got very, very boring but I’m really pleased with the results.

Mended cashmere jumper

I ended up doing twice as much ribbing as I had originally planned. A single layer seemed a little flimsy so I knitted out to twice the required length, folded the bands over and sewed them down. Rather than casting off and then sewing the cast-off edge down, I just sewed the final row of stitches down from straight off the needle, which saved a lot of time and gave a much neater finish.

Mended cashmere jumper

I am thinking of putting together a tutorial on how I worked the edging but it will need to wait until I am feeling better!

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