Exam knitting

It’s now 23 days and 1 hour till the start of my next set of exams. This means that I have to stop reassuring myself that there is plenty of time (since there isn’t!) and get properly stuck in to my remaining revision.

This also means that I need something to knit that is challenging enough to distract my brain from thinking about exam-related stuff while also not being so difficult that my tired, stressed brain can’t cope.

So, far the Lesia loop by Robin Ulrich is proving ideal. It’s a straightforward lace pattern which needs just the right amount of attention to allow my brain to relax without getting bored.

Lesia loop

I’m knitting it in Rowan Kidsilk Haze which is working up beautifully light and airy. The yarn is black but looks lighter in the photographs due to the amazing amount of sunshine that London is getting today.

Lesia loop

The pattern, when finished, can be worn as a scarf, wrap, cowl or hood and I’m planning to wear it in the office over the summer when the air conditioning gets too cold.

Time for some lunch and a walk in the sunshine before I dive back into the books!

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