Log cabin cushion cover

Back in March (which feels like a very long time ago) I attended another Make Lounge workshop. This time it was their Log Cabin Quilted Cushion class.

The class, like all the other Make Lounge classes that I’ve attended, was great. The tutor was really friendly and helpful, the other students were nice and I find learning new techniques from an instructor is so much quicker than trying to track down tutorials on the internet or understand directions in a book.

Even so, it’s still somewhat surprising to me that I managed to sew an entire quilted log cabin cushion cover in around 3½ hours having never quilted before.

Log cabin cushion

I’m not completely happy with my fabric choices. Faced with a wall of fabric rolls and a limited time to choose, I tend to panic and rush my choices. I also tend to prefer single colours and solids rather than patterns so trying to select from heavily patterned, brightly coloured quilting fabrics is very difficult for me.

Some of the fabrics, however, I absolutely adore. This one is my favourite:

Fabric scraps

Unfortunately, I have no idea what it’s called or who it’s by but I love the furniture images.

My other favourite was this one:

Fabric scraps

I’m just so much of a numbers person that I couldn’t resist when I saw it on the shelf.

I do love the finished cover though and find myself wishing that I had more uses for cushions as I would love to make loads of these!

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