I have this habit…

…of knitting gifts for my mother-in-law and then keeping them for myself. She doesn’t know that I do this but it doesn’t stop me feeling guilty about it. I decided though that last year would be different and that I would get around the problem of not being able to part with whatever it was by knitting two very similar items and then picking one to keep and one to give to her.

I’ve had this Hedgehog fibres silk lace yarn for ages and decided it would be perfect for two lacy scarves. We both wear a lot of warm browns so the colours were ideal as well.

Hedgehog Fibres - silk lace

I picked a couple of lace patterns from the Haapsalu shawl book, swatched, blocked my swatch and then started knitting. Presumably because they were intended to be knitted for sale, the Estonian stitch patterns are easy to memorise and seem to just flow off the needles. For all that these look complicated, they were actually good TV knitting.

Project details on Ravelry: Käpakiri scarf

Käpakiri scarf Käpakiri scarf - close-up

Project details on Ravelry: Tapeedikiri scarf

PC062473.jpg Tapeedikiri scarf - close-up

The end result was two lovely, floaty, lacy scarves. I loved the Hedgehog Fibres silk – the colours are beautiful and the 100% silk is really luxurious. Not only that but the yardage was incredibly good so I still have half a skein left!

3 thoughts on “I have this habit…

  1. Hi, I’m wondering if you would let us ‘pin’ your beautiful work on the Hedgehog Fibres pinterest board?

    1. Hi Máire, I really appreciate you taking the time to ask and the compliment on my work. Unfortunately, Pinterest’s current terms and conditions mean that I’m not comfortable allowing my work to be “pinned”.

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