FO: Katarina Cardigan

I’m studying at home today (2 weeks till my exams!) and since it is a really miserable wet day here in London, I wanted to wear something snuggly. What better than my new Katarina cardigan?

Katarina 1

This brooch doesn’t sit very well with it so I’ll need to get myself a proper shawl pin but it works well enough for taking pictures.

Katarina 3

I’ll probably usually wear it open like in this picture but it is nice to know that it can look a bit dressier.

Katarina 2

Finally, a silly action shot that was supposed to show off the shape of the sleeves better. I’m not sure it does at this size but you can see a larger version by clicking on it.

Some notes:

  • RYC Cashcotton sheds. It is great yarn to work with and knits into a beautiful soft, warm fabric but it’s nearly as bad as having a dog in the house for leaving hair everywhere. This also means that if you have sensitive sinuses, you might find this an uncomfortable yarn to knit or even wear.
  • The shawl collar needs a really stretchy cast-off method in order to sit nicely. I don’t have any recommendations because I think I’m going to go back and re-do mine.
  • If you are going to extend the length of the sleeves, you need to keep doing the increases. Otherwise, they end up with a slightly dented bell-shape.

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