Little red riding hood

My Katje cardigan reached the point this morning where it splits for the body and sleeves so I thought that would be a good point to try it on and take some photographs. The weather is a bit gloomy here today so the light isn’t brilliant but I’m really pleased with how this is looking. (I’m ignoring the pictures that I took with the hood up; I’ll never wear the hood up!)
Photo 6

Photo 9

Photo 8

Photo 7

Like my Katarina, this is another Cocoknits pattern. I absolutely love Julie’s work. The styles are modern without being too trendy and the patterns are really clearly written.

The two patterns that I’ve knitted have also been simple enough to be fairly mindless knitting but with just enough going on that I don’t get too bored knitting them. They’re ideal for product knitters who aren’t terribly bothered about learning new techniques but do like having new things to wear!

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  1. Thanks! the pictures really helped me. I am working on the neckline and was worried that it was going to be too long.

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