How better to finish the year…

… than with a finished project. December 29th saw the end of my quickest pair of socks ever. These are the Gentleman’s half hose in ringwood pattern from Knitting Vintage socks, otherwise known as my Cyberman socks.



The pattern was delightfully easy to knit and gives a beautiful texture that works very well with the solid-coloured yarn. What is even better is that they fit me perfectly!

These were originally going to be socks for Steven (especially when it looked like his Christmas present might not be delivered in time) but, since he ended up with my Leyburn socks, I decided to make these for me.

Turns out that I’m not going to get away with not making him a pair though. He was so impressed with my pair that I just can’t resist making another for him. Since I still have enough of the solid grey yarn left, they will unfortunately be identical to mine but matching husband and wife socks aren’t the end of the world, right?

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