Happy new year, happy new jumper!

My Sahara jumper is finally finished! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to take any pictures of it until the weekend so you’ll have to make do with the last in-progress picture that I have.
Sahara jumper

This was a brilliant pattern and I love the finished jumper. The only thing I would change if I knitted another would be the sleeves. I knitted the long-sleeve option and the sleeves are just a bit baggier than I would like. They’re not so bad that it would be worth re-knitting them smaller but I would do it differently if I made another.

I am also considering sewing up part of the neckline as suggested by the pattern rather than continuing to wear it as a really deep v-neck. The weight of the cotton is already starting to stretch the neckline a little so I’m hoping that a bit more structure will help.

Having finished Sahara I went back to working on my Vino cardigan, complete with an updated version of the pattern from the designer. Unfortunately, I decided that knitting it from the top-down was proving too complicated so I started again from the bottom up but all in one piece. This was going pretty quickly until I started decreasing for the waist and realised (with 7″ of cardigan already knitted) that I was exactly 100 stitches short having screwed up my mental arithmetic in spectacular fashion. Various words were uttered and the cardigan has now been consigned to a bag until I can face frogging it.

As an alternative, I’ve cast on for a pair of socks for Steven. Since these are going to be exactly the same as the pair that I recently finished for me, I’m not anticipating any problems. Of course, as with most things, “past performance is no guarantee of future results” so watch this space!

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