Lace 3, Susan 0


I’m having my ass kicked by a shawl. I’ve tried to cast on for the Curved Shawl with Diamond Edging (Ravelry link) three times now and have yet to make it past the second row.

There is absolutely no reason why I should not be able to knit this shawl. Yes, the yarn (the Plymouth baby alpaca lace in the picture above) is skinny but the needles aren’t that small. K3tog is the most complicated stitch in the pattern so no problems there. And yet, it is just not working. To add insult to injury, the alpaca starts getting quite fuzzy after being frogged three times so I’m starting to worry about ‘wasting’ yarn.

I had decided after ripping out the third attempt that I was going to knit a different shawl instead but after a little time and reflection, I have changed my mind and am going to have (at least) one more attempt at this pattern. I’ve ordered some Knit Pro needles in the appropriate size since my interchangeables don’t go that small and I’ve convinced myself that the needles must be the problem. There’s no problem with the yarn, there’s no problem with the pattern and there can’t possibly be a problem with the knitter; can there?

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  1. I bet once you get it set up that it’ll be fine…but good luck getting to that stage! I hope the new needles help. It’s a beautiful shawl. I keep being tempted by VLT.

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