Let the season of procrastination begin

My next set of professional exams starts in less than five weeks so I’m getting stuck into the traditional period of pre-exam procrastination. I’m frequently amazed by the things that I’ll find myself desperate to do instead of studying. As of today, I am banned from painting walls, tiling walls and re-arranging furniture (on a moving everything from one room to another and vice versa scale). This is on top of the usual bans on video games and Distributed Proofreaders. Fortunately for Steven, knitting is not banned and it turns out that I would rather sew jumper seams than study (which, considering my earlier post, shows you the lengths I will go to to avoid studying). Hence, all the seams have now been sewn on his argyll jumper and even some of the duplicate stitch started — I did try to convince him that he didn’t really need the raker lines but it didn’t work.

Argyll jumper - in progress

If he’s really lucky, I’ll even manage to get it finished before the exams start and the desperate urge to do anything other than study fades away.

One thought on “Let the season of procrastination begin

  1. Hi Susan,

    if my calculation isn’t completely off, you’re right before the start of the exams, but I wanted you to know that DP’s currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, we’ve finally managed to launch the blog to celebrate the occasion, and that your post about Sir Walter Scott’s Journal has now been posted as part of the whole shebang.

    Great work, love it! Hope to see you around soon when you’re finished studying!

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