New (recycled) knitting containers

I love containers — boxes, bags, baskets, I love them all. I’m less good at the part where you actually put things in them to keep the place tidy but let us not dwell on that. I’ve recently acquired some brilliant new containers for knitting-related stuff. The containers themselves aren’t new but that is half the fun!

Recycled notions tin

This little tin originally held a miniature fruit cake. It’s the perfect size for holding knitting notions. I can fit in all my stitch markers, a packet of darning needles, my measuring tape and a reel of dental floss. These all used to live in a little zipped pouch but I find it much easier to get things out of the tin than out of the pouch.

Recycled notions tin

These bags originally held giant cushion covers but I still find it hard to believe that they weren’t originally designed for carrying knitting projects.

Recycled project bags

They are the perfect size for small or medium-sized projects, and would probably work for jumper projects up to the point where they get too big to carry around anyway. They are waterproof, have a carrying handle and even have a little inside document pocket that, while not big enough to tuck a pattern into, would certainly do for notes. I’m looking forward to packing my knitting into these for our trip back to Scotland for Christmas and New Year rather than my usual selection of plastic carrier bags!

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