It felt like a lazy Sunday…

… and yet I have a new pair of socks and a prototype for this year’s Christmas cards. It turns out that all I need to motivate me to finish the second of a pair of socks is six inches of snow on the ground. The snow is nearly all gone now (from London anyway) but it is still easily cold enough for the socks to come in very handy. (Apologies for the picture but daylight is in short supply around here.)

Lichen rib socks

The pattern was the Lichen Rib sock from Knitting Vintage Socks and I didn’t make any modifications. I don’t know if it was me or the pattern but there were a couple of bits where I ran into trouble with the instructions for how the stitches should be arranged on the needles. Everything worked out in the end though so I didn’t bother trying to track down any errata or work out what the actual problem was. (Insert rant here about patterns that not only assume you’ll be using DPNs but assume you’ll be using a specific number of needles.) That aside, I did enjoy the pattern and the socks are a great fit and, most importantly, warm!

And now for the obligatory photograph of a blizzard in London:

Snowing in Blackheath

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