The things we do for love: part 2

Argyll Jumper - finished

The Argyll vest is finally finished. Actually it’s been finished for ages. It has proven difficult to get pictures of it though due to the fact that it has been worn almost constantly. (You would think that might make it easier to get pictures but apparently not.)

Argyll Jumper - finished

The duplicate stitch was surprisingly easy to do and I found the precise, repetitive nature of it very soothing. Putting together a tutorial on how to do it has been added to my increasingly long list of “things I want to do but have no idea when I’ll get around to it”.

Unfortunately, the recycled cashmere jumper that formed the first part of “The things we do for love” has never been worn. I picked up too many stitches around the armholes and, when worn, they flare in an extremely dramatic fashion (think bad 70s sci-fi costuming). My plan is to rip them out, pick up fewer stitches, double the yarn and use larger needles. Hopefully this will mean that they won’t take quite as long to knit this time around.

4 thoughts on “The things we do for love: part 2

  1. What a beautiful job you made of this! I have ordered this book as I want to make this vest for a friend for his birthday but it is going to take 2 weeks to arrive and I really want to make a start this weekend. Could you tell me how many stitches for the back, so I can at least cast on and start knitting. I am going to knit the back plain so I can just keep going straight on that until my book arrives!

    1. Catherine – I’m sorry that I didn’t see your question earlier. Hopefully, your book has arrived by now and you’ve managed to get started. My husband loves this vest and still wears it regularly so I hope your friend likes his!

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