“I could just make one.”

Steven and I did some rearranging recently so that the room that was my study is now our bedroom and what was our bedroom is now my study. There are still some problems to work out, but the biggest was the fact that all of our bed linen clashes really horribly with the colour of the walls. The plan is to change the colour of the walls at some point but, as I’m just six weeks away from my next set of professional exams, that is not going to happen for a couple of months at least.

Enter Bright Idea #1: “We could get a bedspread that matches the walls.” So, we looked for a bedspread and they were too big or too small or the wrong colour or the wrong texture and, almost always, really expensive.

Enter Bright Idea #2: “I could just make one.” Usually, those words are a sign that I’m going to spend a lot of money on supplies, start the project, find it takes more time than I expected and end up with a half-finished project somewhere that makes me feel guilty every time I stumble across it. <Looks across room at three dining chairs with cushion pads and one without.>

But not this time:


This time, I bought the fabric (a lightweight herringbone twill), went straight home and sewed until it was done.


I didn’t do anything fancy, just stitched two lengths together so that it was wide enough and then hemmed all the way around. I didn’t bother backing it since the twill is two-sided but I did take my pinking shears and tidy up all the hems. Since I used approximate measurements from the sizes of bedspreads that we had seen for sale plus a margin for safety because I wanted the bedspread to go all the way to the floor, it is actually a bit big. It is however finished and does exactly what we wanted it to do and I love it!

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